Throughout Quest, the monthly integration groups are a powerful opportunity for group spiritual practice. They differ in process and serve different needs than the on-going spiritual practice groups, where the focus is on a specific form of practice. They also differ from the one-to-one mentor relationships and from the discussion groups that change with each retreat. In the integration groups, participants and facilitators meet with a consistent group of “spiritual friends” for deeper exploration of all aspects of the Quest experience in a supportive and predictable process and setting.

  1. Integration Groups as Spiritual Practice

There is a Place

There is a place
Where people see with their hearts
And breathing is the common language
Where no mandate for sameness exists
Where differences are woven
Into the fabric of things
Like hydrogen is a part of water
And oxygen is a part of water
And neither quenches thirst individually
But together the possibilities become
Wet and flowing and rejuvenating
The stuff that transforms deserts
Into botanical gardens
And dry, brittle, desperate leaves
Into flowing, velvet rain forest canopies
There is a place where people see with their heart
And that place is here
If we so desire

by Ken Haynes, Madison WI (reprinted with permission)