No matter how strong we are, we all need support from time to time.While the primary purpose of the mentor program within Quest is to support the participants in their journey, the mentor will also be on their own spiritual journey particularly that of being a spiritual companion.

Awareness and Curiosity
As the mentoring process begins, it is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the mentor’s own journey. This practice will nourish the relationship with the partner and nourish the mentor as they journey with another. This also can be an opportunity to focus on or recommit to the mentor’s spiritual practice.

One important aspect of cultivating awareness and curiosity, being a mentor, and engaging in any spiritual practice is the concept of keeping an open mind and heart—often referred to as beginner’s mind. As Thomas Merton said,

“One cannot begin to face the real difficulties of the life of prayer and meditation unless one is first perfectly content to be a beginner and really experience himself as one who knows little or nothing, and has a desperate need to learn the bare rudiments. Those who think they “know” from the beginning will never, in fact, come to know anything”

Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer (New York: Doubleday, 1971), 37.

  1. Journey of the Mentor