The retreats in Quest are an integral component in the overall design of the curriculum. This retreat experience offers a unique opportunity for participants to explore the deep spiritual issues that speak to the mind, body, and spirit. These residential retreats provide the space and quiet that foster internal reflection. The retreats are planned at intervals so that the themes and issues can continue to be explored in integration groups and with mentors. During the months between retreats, participants have time to reflect on the experience and can also explore these issues in their ongoing spiritual practice.

Retreat Titles

“Cultivating Our Intentional Spiritual Community and Honoring the Spiritual Journey”

“Exploring and Fostering Spiritual Practice”

“Embracing Self-Acceptance, Compassion, and Forgiveness”

“Letting Go, Gratitude, and the Generous Heart”

“Extending the Generous Heart, Balance, and Reverence”

“Honoring and Culminating the Quest Experience and Continuing the Spiritual Journey”

All six retreats proceed in a sequence of process and content that honors spiritual development.

  1. Retreat Philosophy
  2. General Retreat Objectives